Sensing the world, changing the future.

AxelGlobe is designed for all to access satellite imagery data to make smarter decisions.

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AxelGlobe is the only true Earth observation web platform for all.

AxelGlobe, powered by our proprietary satellites, monitors the entire world at 2.5m resolution to help anyone make smarter decisions.

The web platform unleashes the power of satellites for anyone to capture images around the world, anytime, anywhere, to understand the now, but also to bring clarity for the future, by comparing the old and the new images.

We help industry leaders make
smarter decisions.


AxelGlobe delivers fresh data to bring clarity on what’s happening on the fields now and what might happen in the future to provide peace of mind.

  • Growth monitoring
  • Forecasting the best harvest times
  • Optimizing fertilization and water distribution


AxelGlobe provides market leading experience to get easy access to proprietary satellite imagery data for a comprehensive understanding of the entire forest.

  • Detecting illegal logging
  • Identifying vegetation types
  • Assessing the impact of disasters

Infrastructure Monitoring

AxelGlobe monitors valuable assets with unrivalled coverage, optimized for effortless user experience, powered by cutting edge technologies and human centered design.

  • Management of long-distance pipelines
  • Monitoring of megasolar plants
  • Analyzing before-and-after imagery for insurance claims

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